What is Rome

Rome modularizes Solana consensus into a set of enshrined services so L2s can be as fast and decentralized as Solana

As the first service, Rome offers Solana as shared sequencer.

The shared sequencer has three key components: Sequencer (Rhea-Hercules), RaaS, and Rome SDK. These components leverage Solana, which provides fast confirmation of transactions, high throughput, low cost, and guarantees immutable ordering of transactions, backed by the entire Solana stake.

  1. Rhea-Hercules enables rollups to use Solana as the shared sequencer.

  2. Rome's Rollup as a Service (RaaS) enables rollups to start operating in minutes.

  3. Rome SDK enables developers, searchers, and ecosystem builders to compose atomic cross-rollup transactions, and atomic cross-chain transactions across Solana and rollups.

Rollups interested in using Rome as their sequencer or Rome RaaS: get started here.

Applications interested in using Rome SDK: get started here.

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